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Listen to what people say about Jill.

“...I frequently experience tenseness and pain in my back, which are compounded because I have scoliosis. I have suffered with this condition for years. But, since my initial session with Jill, these problems have not recurred for months. My sessions with Jill were invaluable.” Marty Milligan, former client

“...I walked with a cane for 7 years due to an accident on the job. After Jill worked on me I didn’t have to use my cane anymore. She is very professional.” Denise Levitz, former client

“…Thank you Jill for your healing touch and powerful technique. It is such a wonderful feeling to be back living life and feeling joy.” Vanessa McPherson, former client

“...because we do love our clients…there have been situations where we have not been able to help them as much as we like…it has taken a long time in finding someone that does what Jill does…she has a unique treatment…it is more of a rehabilitation treatment…she is just marvelous with the help she gives…” Brenda Strand Co-owner, Stress Control Massage

“Out of all the classes I have taken in the past this was by far the most valuable...” Maritta Lee, LMT former student

“...based on her own personal experience with pain/dysfunction, Jill teaches affectively and with great knowledge and compassion…Thank You!” Christine Hunter, former student


Continued Education Testimonies

"I am a registered massage therapist in Colorado and have been practicing for nine years. My client base includes those with fibromyalgia, chronic  pain, auto and work-related injuries along with variety of others. I work on both young and old alike.    

After learning the basics in the first course of isometric muscle and body balancing, I was able to apply that knowledge immediately in my practice with phenomenal results. In particular, one client with drop foot no longer needs his brace. We still have a long way to go, but both he and I are pleased with his progress.

In taking the advanced course, I can see how the possibilities are endless. I can not only help my clients more, I can teach them how to better participate in their healing process. I highly recommend these courses. Jill's knowledge is impressively extensive." - Sharon


"As a registered massage therapist in Colorado, I have taught fifteen of the twenty years I have been in practice. Isometric muscle and body balancing is the best investment of the many modalities in my tool kit.

The open-ended concept allows for a huge variety of ways to customize treatment applications. It provides for a hospitable and medical-based orientation. I have experienced concrete results with multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. I only wished that I had this at the beginning of my career." - Janice


 "Our experience with Jill was astounding! We received two full days of training and therapy that produced exciting results immediately. Patricia sat up straight unassisted on the side of the table after one session. On the second day she was showing greatly increased strength and control of her good leg, and a definite connection to her paralyzed leg. If you have anyone with a brain injury Jill's therapy is unique to anything Patricia and I have been previously familiar with. At the end of the first day Patricia was bursting out with sound to express her newfound hope and excitement for recovery." - Raymond Veenkant


 "Based on her own personal experience with pain and dsyfunction, Jill teaches effectively and with great knowledge and compassion." - Kim Ribbens


"Jill is very knowledgeable and knows how to get muscles relaxed and also stronger. I plan on incorporating a lot of information with my practice. I look forward to more classes." Loyce Kemo


 "I see many uses for this work! This will help to get to the root of the problems in much less time." - Terry McConnell


"Out of all the classes I have taken in the past this was by far the most valuable..." - Maritta Lee LMT,


"This class has provided me with the most effective skills I have ever taken to the table. My clients results not only amaze me and them, but those that see chiropractors and physical therapists have been released early from their sessions with amazement at how well and quickly they have improved" Page Fagalde LMT,