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Therapeutic Massage & Resistance Stretching


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What is therapeutic massage and resistance stretching?

Therapeutic Massage & Resistance Stretching is a gentle, non-invasive and unique medical massage treatment that is very effective in treating acute or chronic pain, injuries, and a wide variety of conditions. It can also be used to treat muscle tension and stress associated with postural/structural imbalances. These effects are achieved by putting your body into different stretch positions and having you gently resist the pressure from the therapist's hand (isometrics). 

We will work with your body to find proper balance. This retrains the muscle memory in the ... 

Sports & Fitness

Stretching on resistance -- known as PNF stretching or contract relax technique -- has been proven to improve performance and increase flexibility and muscle strength faster than just stretching on your own. PNF stretching requires a person who knows what they are doing to assist your stretching with just the right static hold and isometric (resisting) against the practitioner. 

Studies have proven that this type of therapy realigns muscle fibers and connective tissue after micro-tears from intense workouts or after an ...