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Prices & payments

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have become a mobile business ... within our service area, we will come to your home or office for treatments. (Outdoors is an option in good weather.) Prices shown here are for clients within a 30 minute driving radius of Anchorage, Alaska. For travel at greater distances, please contact us for a discussion. We will arrive a few minutes before the scheduled appointment to set up and so you can fill out some brief necessary paperwork.

Multiple clients treated at the same location either during the same time or the same day: each additional client's session is reduced by:
$20 (Therapeutic Massage & Resistance Stretching / Isometric Muscle and Body Balancing)
$10 (Traditional Massage Therapy)

Help us grow in our new location! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, patients, and customers about our services. Tell them to mention your name when booking their appointment, or surprise them by purchasing a Gift Certificate for them. For each new client you refer to us, after your referral receives and pays for their first treatment you'll receive a one-time $20 off your next session. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.


For example, Therapeutic Massage & Resistance Stretching / Isometric Muscle and Body Balancing $20 Group Discount
If 2 of your friends each want a treatment and we can treat all 3 of you the same day at consecutive appointments at the same location: person #1 = $120, person #2 = $100, person #3 = $80 ... for a total of $300.

Additionally, because those 2 friends are your referrals, you'll get $40 off the price the next time you have a treatment. For arranging and hosting the group, you will be receiving 2 discounts (Group Discount and the Referral Rewards).

Therapeutic Massage & Resistance Stretching / Isometric Muscle and Body Balancing
$120 (45-60 minutes)

Please explore our website for details about Therapeutic Massage & Resistance Stretching / Isometric Muscle and Body Balancing. It is a gentle, non-invasive, very effective treatment. On our massage table, your practitioner (either Jill or Fred) will put your body into different stretch positions while instructing you to gently resist the pressure from his or her hand. This therapy starts at the feet and works up to the head, stimulating the brain/body response of more than 186 muscles with 4 way isometrics, spindle cell work and fascia release. 

You and your practitioner will work together to learn where you have areas of pain and discomfort, tension, limited range of motion and muscle weakness. Each of our clients receives individualized, customized care. Self-care to be performed at home may be recommended, which can facilitate quicker recovery time, pain relief, and the restoration of proper balance and function. How diligently you perform your "homework" also has a bearing on how many treatments you'll need. 

Traditional Massage Therapy
$100 (60 minutes)
$145 (90 minutes)
$190 (120 minutes)

Jill has been a nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapist since 1997. Massage is the oldest healing method still used today. The Chinese have 3,000-year-old documents showing benefits of massage therapy. The ancient Hindus, Persians, and Egyptians also used massage. Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of massage for joint and circulation problems. Today, massage is widely accepted as part of physical rehab. It has proven benefits for many chronic conditions. Jill will work with you to design an effective, customized massage treatment to meet your needs.

Swedish Massage

This is the most common form of massage today. Your muscles will be rubbed in long, gliding, slow strokes toward the heart, relaxing the muscles. Other techniques might be performed during the session, such as rocking, bending, stretching, strain/counterstrain, kneading, and others. An organic oil is used to reduce friction. This oil nourishes, softens, rejuvenates, and moisturizes dry, stressed skin.

Deep Tissue Massage

This technique starts with Swedish Massage and focuses on knots, chronic tension, and tight fascia. It is useful for decreasing swelling, removing scar tissue and releasing tight tendons.

Pediatric Massage

Research has shown that massage for infants and children has many benefits. When babies are born, they already have billions of brain cells, and many of these aren’t connected yet. They form connections through crawling and by experiencing new odors and sensations. The infant brain is twice as active as an adult brain for the first three years, and this gives them great potential for learning. Massage is one way to help develop their brain. With newborns, colic can be an ongoing issue. Often, infants suffer from tight stomach muscles which can cause painful spasms. They may cry regularly, which causes them to swallow air, and this can lead to gas pains and painful, tight, rigid abdomens. And nurturing touch is essential for helping children develop into well-adjusted adults.

Pregnancy Massage

This will be a combination of the above techniques, and will increase lymphatic flow, calm anxiety and depression, relieve backaches, leg cramps, headaches, joint pain, and stabilize hormones in the body. You may need a physician's approval if yours is a complicated pregnancy.

Combo Session
Therapeutic Massage & Resistance Stretching / Isometric Muscle and Body Balancing combined with a relaxing Swedish Massage.
$165 (90 minutes)
$210 (120 minutes)

Animal Massage
Contact us for pricing. Rates vary for different types of animals.

Just like humans, animals respond and benefit from touch. Some animals experience the same aches and pains humans have: they get muscle spasms and soreness, arthritis and muscle stiffness and pain. After a massage session, you may see your animal relax more than before. Its behavior may improve and it may be more agreeable to activities that caused pain before.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are a great way to give the gift of wellness to someone you care about, and to earn Referral Rewards for yourself. They are available and redeemable for any of our services and gratuities, $100 minimum. We will email the certificate to you in PDF format. (Note: Gift certificates are non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash.) You'll earn your Referral Reward after the recipient has received his or her treatment, as described in the box at the top of this page.

To order online: use the "Pay Now" button below and enter the dollar amount. Also, since we need to enter the recipient's name on the Gift Certificate, in the "Notes" section of the payment area please tell us their name.
To order by phone: call and give Fred or Jill the recipient's name, your payment details, and the dollar amount. (Please do not provide credit or debit card information by text or email.)

NOTE: Self-pay clients are required to pay at the time of scheduling the appointment.
Click the Pay Now button for secure payment by credit card, debit card, or PayPal.
Or call Jill to pay over the phone: (907) 406-7962

If for some reason you are unable to keep your appointment, your payment will be refunded either in full or in part in accordance with our Cancellation Policy.


Cancellations made up to 24 hours before a scheduled appointment via email, text, or phone call will be processed without a penalty. Cancellations made 4 hours or less before an appointment will be subject to a $20 cancellation fee. If we arrive at your location and you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, or you have not complied with our COVID-19 safety requirements, there will be a charge to cover our travel time and expenses. Cancellation fees are subtracted from your refund.