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Therapeutic Massage & Resistance Stretching


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SPORTS & fitnesS

  • Are you having trouble meeting your workout goals?

  • Are you feeling more muscle fatigue after an intense workout or sporting activity?

  • Do you want to increase performance?

  • Do you have a sports injury?

Therapeutic Massage & Resistance Stretching / Isometric Muscle and Body Balancing -- also known as PNF stretching or contract relax technique -- has been proven to improve performance and increase flexibility and muscle strength faster and more effectively than just stretching on your own. PNF stretching requires a person who knows what they are doing to assist your stretching with just the right static hold and isometric (resisting) against the practitioner. Studies have proven that this type of therapy realigns muscle fibers and connective tissue after micro-tears from intense workouts or after an injury in acute or chronic phases. This form of Rehabilitation is very effective.

The treatment can be done pre-event for maximum performance, or after an event to reduce recovery time. It will increase flexibility to prevent injuries, improve endurance, increase lymphatic flow, and can help you compete at your best.

Jill also includes decompression cupping, when necessary, to increase further and faster healing from scar tissue.

We can also help certain injuries. For example: is your hip, shoulder or knee out? Is your structure twisted? Is your body out of balance? Are you feeling sciatic or other pains? For more information please see our
videos, client and professional medical practitioner testimonies and our information on what conditions can be treated. In some cases of injury, we may be the preferred stop to help direct you to the right source for help.

We will diligently work to help relieve you of pain in as few treatments as possible. Only a few treatments are required, as our client testimonials confirm. You won’t be coming back over and over for an indefinite period of time because we’ll get right to the root of your problem.

As a board-certified Licensed Massage Therapist and a nationally certified instructor of Isometric Muscle and Body Balancing for decades, Jill has had the privilege of treating professional athletes such as NFL and NBA players, an Olympic downhill skier and an Olympic ice skater, as well as semiprofessionals in golf, tennis, and baseball for sports injuries and to improve performance.

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