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These are just a few examples of clients who have been helped by Jill Hayden, LMT and Fred Hayden using Therapeutic Massage & Resistance Stretching, also known as Isometric Muscle & Body Balancing.

Over 20 years of back problems

For over 2 decades I have visited various doctors and been treated by many therapists, only to find minimal relief for back problems. After two back surgeries and one neck fusion, I am very satisfied with the method Jill uses as it works!

Finally I have stumbled upon the best technique and gifted hands to date. Jill's technique is different from all the others and although I am sure others have this skill, it is not widely used or I would have been introduced to it before. Since I have been treated by Jill, I am a new man with spring in my step and the ability to go longer periods of time without remedial therapy. Chiropractic care is still a required step, the two together is a fantastic method for getting you back on the road.

Jill has an extensive knowledge of the human body and her technique provides lasting relief, overall improved balance, reduced pain and I can actually walk straight again! I realize that everyone has different issues and what works for one does not necessarily work for others. But her technique is so logical I'm not sure why others are not exploring its use. I am so very excited about her method and application that I have told other friends who suffer from similar back problems and I am 100% positive that after their session with her they too will be pleased. To be clear, she uses this technique on many different problems, not just backs and I can see why it would be beneficial to all.

I cannot thank Jill for our accidental meeting, but rest assured I can stop trying different ideas as she is now my therapist and I am so grateful for her wisdom and technique.

Lynn Kile


Mysterious side pain for over a year, scoliosis for over 40 years

I am so happy to have been treated by Jill! I wrote that poem after just 6 treatments. I noticed a difference in my condition after just a couple of treatments, and I was surprised how quickly I was on my way to healing.

For over a year I sought an explanation for and relief from a mysterious chronic pain which interfered with my activities and sleep. It was very frustrating trying to solve this issue and trying one thing after another -- my primary care physician, an orthopedic doctor, a chiropractor, and a traditional massage therapist. The XRays, CAT scan, and MRI were dead ends. The orthopedic doctor prescribed Prednisone, which brought me just 5% relief, and he encouraged cortisone injections -- but for several reasons I did not want to take that route. The chiropractic treatments and massages helped somewhat, but the benefits were limited and slow.

Then Jill and Fred moved to my city. As our friendship developed and I discovered their work and saw how much the Isometric treatments were helping some mutual friends, I decided to look into it. Their client testimonials and YouTube videos left me with no doubt ... since this technique and their decades of experience even brought solid results to people with severe conditions and diseases, I knew they could definitely help me. Within just a few minutes at that first appointment, Jill told me what she thought the problem was and she began working on it. The cause was in an entirely different area than where the pain was. Her knowledge, expertise, understanding, and skill astonished me every step of the way! She gave me progressive homework to really anchor in the work she did.

My original issue and pain disappeared and never returned, it has been over a year since my last treatment. And I experienced so many positive “side effects” (benefits) from my treatments, one of which was a new posture. Having dealt with scoliosis since childhood, I haven’t been able to sit up straight or stand up straight, but after just a few treatments I was sitting and standing taller than ever possible before.

Jill is phenomenally good at what she does, and you can tell that she loves her work. You’ll be in the best possible hands if you entrust her with your care and you can be sure she will work hard to help you. To say that she is
an amazing person is truly an understatement. I feel blessed to have her first as a personal friend and now as a practitioner I can always turn to. Thanks to Jill, I feel better than my old self ... new and improved Debbie version 2.0. If she had a Fan Club, I’d definitely join it in a heartbeat!

Debbie McGeorge


Parkinson’s disease

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and after just a few visits with Jill I have already benefited. The stiffness and pain have been significantly reduced. I am also not shaking as much as before I began to visit her. I am more flexible and also more hopeful as a result of her care. Another benefit of Jill’s therapy is that I been able to reduce the dosage of my Parkinson’s medication. She is always very careful to leave medical matters to the doctors. She knows where the lines are. I believe my neurologist will be very pleased with my progress when I see her again in four months.

In addition to tangible physical benefits, it is truly enjoyable to be in her company. She is generous with helpful nutrition and information. It is obvious that she is a capable, considerate therapist who really cares about her clients. It would be my pleasure to recommend her.

Jackie Lewis


Fibromyalgia pain, stiffness, tingling nerves, numbness

I was buried in a mass of painful knots and stiffness. When I first met Jill Hayden I had almost convinced myself that I would never be the active, energetic, physically strong woman I had been just a few years ago. I woke up one morning about six months after the surgery and could barely walk across the floor. My whole body, especially my left side, had been taken over by painful knots, stiffness and tingling-nerve type feelings. I felt like I was 90 years old instead of 40. I was dragging myself to work every day, and was ready for bed when I got home at 6 P.M. The numbness and tingling on my left side wouldn’t go away for months. I did not have MS or any other of the other countless illnesses they tested me for. I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

To make a very long story short, after my first session with Jill I slept better and stood taller. By the third visit I decided that she was helping me more than any of the medications. I decided to detox myself from all these medications, which added up to five by now. I underwent a two week period of withdrawal that was both painful and scared me to death. I have been off all the medications now for a month. I see Jill once a week and I am almost pain free. I stand taller, think clearer. I can feel my mind and my body working together again. I am free, I can walk and I have been back in the gym working out. I can take care of my family again. I can smile and look the Fibro monster in the face and say, “I am stronger than you!” I can do anything. I am alive and my body is balanced for the first time in years. Thank you Jill, for your healing touch and powerful technique. It is such a wonderful feeling to be back living life and feeling joy.

Vanessa McPherson, former client


20 years of back pain and sleep issues, dizziness, shoulder pain, nerve zings

Experience 1: When I went to see Jill in 2000 I just needed a massage, or so I thought. Instead, I got a complete workout from head to toe. Could hardly walk out of her office. It was the best body therapy experience I have ever had. That says a lot because I have tried it all. Anyway, about the third visit, my hip area decided to release under the competent hands of Jill. Wow. I could hardly walk for a week (only due to the fact that every muscle fiber from my hips to my chin stretched like it had never been stretched before.) Exactly one week later, I woke up without any lower back pain. This is a pain I had for at least 20 years which woke me up about every two hours during the night. So, for 20 years I never slept through the night. With the lower back in balance now, I wasn't waking up till 7:00AM. I told my husband I needed to go to the doctor. I must be sick because I am sleeping so hard. He told me that is how normal people sleep.

Experience 2: I was hit in the head by airbags in a car accident. About two months after the accident, I would have a terrible wave of dizziness when I turned my head to the left. So, I went to Jill. She started with the same routine... feet first working up to the neck and head. She balanced out the muscles in the neck area. Honestly, I felt horrible... I went home and went to bed. The next morning, I opened my eyes, gently turned my head to the left and right. No dizziness. But my body felt like it had been hit by a mack truck. I was in the bed for two days but I have never had the dizziness again.

Experience 3: My shoulder was hurting so bad that the only relief I would get was to hold it up over my head. Also, the nerves would 'zing' down my arm when I used it. Not good. I was living in VA and Jill was living in FL. I thought it would be too extreme to go to FL just for some body work. I went to two chiropractors and massage therapists, used a tense machine, put on umpteen creams. After I realized I was being ripped-off by a practitioner, with tears running down my face I told my husband I was hopping on a plane and renting a car to go see Jill. His response? "I told you to do that when this first happened." A month after my problem started I finally was on my way to recovery. Although this issue did not go away overnight, the therapy plus the continued self-therapy Jill suggested eventually fixed the issue. I have never had this since.

I was so impressed with the results of this therapy, I decided to take the classes offered by Jill. I started using the therapy with family and friends. Because it was very satisfying to see results, I went to massage school and became a certified massage therapist. Through the Isometric Muscle and Body Balancing, I have helped a stroke victim regain the use of his hand and arm, brought relief for sciatic nerve sufferers, helped with facial paralysis, neck and shoulder issues, sinus pain and a host of other issues. I am so grateful to have Jill in my corner and hope that is some small way I can benefit others with Isometric Muscle & Body Balancing.

Vera Sessler


Chronic injury

I walked with a cane for 7 years due to an accident on the job. After Jill worked on me I didn’t have to use my cane anymore. She is very professional.

Denise Levitz, former client


Migraine headaches

I frequently suffered from migraines. I could have 2 a week that would debilitate me and I would end up in bed all day. After a few treatments, my pain was gone and hasn't returned.

I also suffered from pain in my calf from my ankle to my knee that bothered me everyday. After 2 treatments the pain was gone and hasn't returned. I definitely recommend this treatment to everyone. I love it.



Back pain (Sciatica)

I had suffered from sciatica pain. I had trouble getting out of bed, walking was excruciating. I had to use a wheelchair to move around. The pain was an 8 and after 1 treatment my pain was at a 0. This was remarkable, amazing. Within several days the pain came back and creeped up to a 2 out of 10. I scheduled another treatment and got complete relief and it hasn't come back since.

I come back regularly so I can feel as well as I can all over. I have an increase in stamina and energy. I honestly feel like a new person and I've recommended this to everyone I meet. Those that have seen me in such poor condition have come for treatments. I give cards out to people because everyone needs this treatment.



Scoliosis pain and tension

I frequently experience tenseness and pain in my back, which are compounded because I have scoliosis. I have suffered with this condition for years. But, since my initial session with Jill, these problems have not recurred for months. My sessions with Jill were invaluable.

Marty Milligan, former client


Back pain and tension from computer work

My job requires that I must sit at the computer for long periods of time. I frequently experienced tension and pain in my back, which are compounded because I have scoliosis. I have suffered with this condition for years. But, since my initial sessions with Jill, these problems have not recurred for months. My sessions with Jill were invaluable.



Chronic knee pain, neck pain

I was having chronic trouble with my knee, and I asked if Jill could help me. She said that she could. After just one treatment, my knee no longer had chronic pain. I guess you could say it was almost a miracle. I was so happy to have met her, and will continue to see her as a massage therapist when I have physical problems.

I had fallen in my kitchen; this caused me further trouble with my neck. After just one treatment, my neck was feeling so much better. The type of therapy that she performed superseded and surpassed what my chiropractor and another massage therapist was able to do for me.

Linda Forques


Chronic injury pain and TMJ

I had a file cabinet fall on my head two years before I had seen Jill. I was in loads of pain. I was taking pain killers around the clock, plus seeing a chiropractor, but nothing was helping. After one and a half hours of treatment from head-to-toe, [doing homework], and having my TMJ worked on, I was 90% better! After just one treatment.

Robyn Glantz


Back pain (Sciatica)

When receiving treatment for my aches and pains, I have held to the belief that the root cause of the problem needs to be found, instead of treating the resulting symptoms. For that reason, I am thrilled to have found someone who has learned techniques that do just that. I have a job that requires me to sit at a computer most of the day. As a result, my sciatic nerve was irritated and caused me pain when sitting or walking. I would stretch throughout the day which alleviated the pain and tightness temporarily. After two sessions with Jill, I found I could walk without the pain in my leg and my shoulders were much more relaxed. After several sessions, I was pain free and only had to keep up with the [homework].

Irma Warner


Stress, spinal condition

I am vice president of marketing for a national television network. My wife, Gail, and I have been going to Jill Hayden for more than eight months. We first heard about her from a doctor we were seeing who had been impressed with Jill’s treatments. Although we had gone to another massage therapist, we had not been satisfied with the results. In September 2001, Gail decided to see Jill, largely because of the positive recommendation we had received. She was very impressed with Jill, and her treatment.

A few weeks later a doctor reported that I needed “serious body work,” because of high levels of stress. I was told that I needed to improve my relaxation. Gail felt that Jill could help me. I started going to Jill December 2001, and immediately was impressed with her treatments. I had been to chiropractors, several massage therapists, and doctors, but none of them helped me as much as Jill did. Her treatments where thorough, and unlike other massage therapists I had visited, I did not merely feel better for a short period of time but I felt the result long after the treatments themselves.

One of the things that impressed me the most was that I felt that Jill provided practical solutions that helped me throughout the week. She gave me [homework] and made recommendations for an exercise video series we could watch, and helped me find ways to make changes in my lifestyle. I felt that she really cared about me and my health. We found that her advice was consistently solid and that her approach was professional. When I was retested, my doctor reported that my condition had improved dramatically and that my levels of stress had diminished considerably. I attributed much of this to the treatments I received from Jill Hayden.

We were so pleased with the results that we began to tell other people about Jill. During the following months, we brought several friends and family members to her for treatments, including several people who where visiting out of area from other states. All of them were impressed. In particular, Gail’s sister experienced a dramatic change in a spinal condition after one treatment.

John Roos

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